Our Mission

To help engineers turned entrepreneurs make smarter business decisions. We realized (from personal experience) how much new builders, especially technical ones, don’t know about starting a successful company. Our aim is to help those people make smarter decisions and find success.

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Founder’s Story

Hi, I’m Alec.

I worked as a software engineer in startups for a decade. After realizing I wasn’t happy, I decided to start building my own companies. I built products in the AI, Crypto, B2C, and B2B space, amassing hundreds of thousands of users. Along the way I realized how much I didn’t know about the business side of tech.

For example I would have questions like, why are email lists so valuable? Should I use a freemium model, paywall, or charge for lifetime access? Why do all smoothie shops have rewards programs now??

These are the kinds of questions I found answers to by researching and talking to other founders.

After speaking with other engineers turned entrepreneurs I realized many were as clueless as I was. So I decided to create a place where technical people could go to to become business savvy.