Easy Side Hustles

easy side hustles

In 2022 I quit my 9 to 5 and started traveling full time. To support myself, I scoured the internet for easiest side hustles I could do online. Over time I started collecting a list.

Below are many of those hustles I did, as well as new ones thanks to advancements in tech and AI. If you want the financial freedom to work for yourself, or some extra pocket money, give these a try.

Create Content

Creating Content monetization comes from two main sources: 1. Advertisements through a platform like Google AdSense or MediaVine, and 2. Affiliate marketing. Which is when you post a link to a product and if there’s a sale you get a cut. The best part of this kind of side hustle is that you can do as much or as little a day as you want. With an hour a day you can have a blog with some great content running in a couple months. There are so many opportunities here, below are some great ones.

1. Blogging

Create a blog that people enjoy reading. Make money from the traffic through affiliate links and ads.

posting a blog

2. Faceless Youtube videos

People are making bank with this. Thanks to AI you can create entertaining videos with a voice over (also can use AI) and post them on Youtube.

3. Podcasting

Start talking about a topic your passionate about, and if you get viewers you have money.

4. Newsletters

Check out platforms like Beehive. They designed the platform to help you grow your newsletter fast.

5. Social Media

Influencers are making a boat load of money. If you have 100k influencers you can be making anywhere from $1k to $10k per post. If you are able to gain an audience on social media you can make a fortune

6. Feet Pics

No judgement here. As they say, “use what your momma gave you”. You can use a platform like FeetFinder to upload those pics and get to making money.

Build / Design and sell online

Build once, sell online. If you have the skills to build or design something, you can sell it online and reach a global audience. Shopify is the most popular e-shopping platform, but there are other ones like Etsy, or ReddBubble that may be better depending on your niche. The best part about this hustle is that if you enjoy this activity, you make a living doing something you love. Here are some unique ideas to get your brainstorming ball rolling.

7. AI generated art and sell on Redbubble

The beauty of this is you don’t need any design (or creative) skill. Type a prompt into a generative AI model like Midjourney, save the design and post it on Redbubble. Now customers can buy your design on any kind of merchandise.

a painting

8. 3D print and sell on Etsy

Similar to the idea above, but will need a bit of creative skill. Build whatever you can dream of with 3D printing, and then create a store on Etsy and start selling.

9. Amazon Merch

Amazon has eaten retail alive. And they also have a platform for people to open up their own shops. It works like RedBubble in that you upload a design, and can start selling different merchandise with your design on it.

Go Flipping

Do you have an eye for a certain kind of product? Underpriced items catch your eye? This could be a great side hustle for you. “Buy low, sell high” as they say.

10. Buy in garages, sell on eBay

I found this idea on Reddit. This guy goes on ebay to find recently finished auctions with high value items. Then goes to garages to find them, probably underpriced. He then buys them, fixes them up and auctions them himself. Way to be resourceful, anonymous Reddit guy.

11. Flip clothes

If you’re a fashionista, or understand styles, you can buy cheap clothes from thrift stores and start selling online. Ever seen the Netflix movie GirlBoss? Ya just like that.

rack of clothes

12. Sports cards

Did you know sports trading cards are a $12.6 Billion dollar industry? If you’re a sports card aficionado this could be a real lucrative side hustle.

Online Rewards

13. Play games

You can get paid to play games online. I’ll repeat. You can get paid to play games online. Swagbucks is a popular platform that will give you rewards for playing games online. Earn enough rewards and you can exchange it for real money.

14. Watch videos

Speaking of Swagbucks, they’ll also pay you for watching videos. Start getting those swagbucks rewards now.

15. Take surveys

This might be one of the easiest side hustles available. Companies will pay you to take surveys for their market research. Check out our list of top survey platforms.

Part Time Job

There are a lot of part time jobs that can be fun. And the best part of this is you can generally choose your own hours.

16. Pet sitting / walking

Imagine your job getting to be hanging out with cute dogs. Screw side hustle why not make this a full time job? Why am I not doing this right now? Check out platforms like Rover and apply to be a sitter.

17. Ridesharing

If you have a car, this can be an amazing side hustle to do in your off time. The amount of rideshare users in the US has doubled since 2015, so the industry isn’t expected to slow down any time soon.

18. Give talks at events

Some people are making 6 figures a year by giving speeches. And you don’t have to be an expert to do this. Start off slow to build your resume and then start charging more as your value increases.

person speaking in public

19. Virtual Assistant

All you need is a computer and internet connection and you could make this work. And the best part is the demand is increasing as more people are going remote. The flexibility to work remotely and not in a 9-5 schedule is enticing.

20. Tutoring

In college I taught english to a high school in Peru for a summer. It was rewarding to see the students gain confidence in the language. For me I was working as a volunteer. But the same rewards apply for working with students in a paid role. If there’s a subject you enjoy there are students needing a tutor.

21. Web Design

Despite AI, the employment of web developers and designers is expected to grow by 23% until 2031. Web design is one of the most in demand skills in the tech industry. And I would know, running multiple micro-SaaS companies. Design is always a source of friction for myself and other developers I talk to.

For inspiration check out DesignJoy, a design agency ran by one guy making 7 figures.

Buy Assets

If you have the money buying passive income earning assets can be the ultimate side hustle. Many of the options you can buy and hold, and watch the income come. Here are some unique ideas you may not have heard of

22. Vending machines

Depending on the location a vending machine can bring up to a couple thousand a month. After setting them up these can get ass passive as it gets.

23. Laundromats

Everyone needs clean clothes, so there is always a demand here. And demand is increasing in high-density living areas. And if you find success in one location, you can scale the model to multiple ones.

24. Airbnb

You’ve definitely heard of this side hustle. Did you know there are over 100k cities with active listings? And a customer base of 150+ Million. If you have some extra space in your living area, try renting it out for some side hustle money.

Local Community

I was brainstorming for a 25th idea to round out the list, and remembered the “side hustles” I did as a kid – i.e. the chores my parents made me do.

25. Work for local community

Your best clients could living across the street. Support your local community and see if they need their lawn mowed, snow shoveled, or cars cleaned. Good for your wallet and good for your community.

a shovel

What next?

Along with side hustles, passive income is a great way to improve your financial situation. Check out our list of passive income ideas to get you started.

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