How To Quickly Make Money

How To Quickly Make Money

Sometimes you’re in a pickle and you need money quickly. Thanks to the internet there are lots of ideas on how to quickly make money.

After I quit my steady 9-5 job, I started looking through every nook and cranny of the internet to find ways to make money quickly (and legally).

Below is a list of the 15 best ways I’ve found to quickly make money.

Get Technical

Thanks to technology there are so many different ways to make money online, and quickly. Most of these methods didn’t exist even 5 or 10 years ago. Take advantage of some newer tech and make money quickly.

1. Apps paying you to learn

There are some apps that will actually pay you to learn. For example Coinbase will pay you to learn about crypto currency. Most of the lessons don’t take more than 10 minutes and you can make $1-$30 for each one. One, you’re educating yourself, and two you’re getting paid for it? Sounds like a win-win to me.

person learning with computer and phone

2. App referrals

Lots of apps will pay you to get other people to sign up with them. The best part is, it can be apps you’re already using and enjoying. Ask friends and family if they’d like to give one of your apps a try, and then if they download you get a referral bonus.

3. Affiliate links

If a business has an affiliate program, they’ll give you a cut of the sale if your link is what led people to their business. Amazon has a well known affiliate program, but there are lots of other ones as well.

Affiliate links are how blogs, Youtube channels, podcasts, and newsletters are making money. So basically every thing you read or listen to on the internet.

But you don’t need a big following to get paid. Recommend some items to your current network, and share a link. If someone buys something you get a cut.

4. Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate program, but I think is worth mentioning on its own. Some of the payouts from Clickbank are crazy high. For example Clickbank lists some of their top valued products. And most have an average payout of over $100.

5. Print on demand

This will take some upfront effort, but you can make lots of money if done right. Basically how it works is you upload designs to platforms like Etsy or RedBubble. Then you have an online store where people buy your designs through merchandise. You get a cut of each sale.

Thanks to AI lots of people are making money using AI generated art, and then selling those designs. But if you are artistically inclined you can upload your own as well.

designing apparel

Some side hustln’

Side hustles are an amazing way to raise your income while working a full time job. There are so many different ideas for making money on the side, many of which I mention here. Here are some ones that can be especially quick if you need money now.

6. Freelancing

If you have a full time job, you have skills you can charge for. Why not find clients on your own and bill them for your services?

Freelancing is how I’ve been making a majority of my income, and it’s great. There are two ways to freelance. Create a profile on Upwork or Fiverr. Or try to find clients through your existing network. The latter is obviously a better option if you’re network is robust enough. That way you won’t have to split the income with a platform.

7. Sharing economy

The sharing economy has exploded in the last decade. Now the market size is over $380 Billion . Lots of people are making full time income using this method. But the best part is the flexible time commitment.

Have a car? Try being a driver for Uber or Lyft.

Are you handy? Join TaskRabbit and have people pay you for some manual tasks.

Or have extra space in your room? Rent out some space on Airbnb.

The only thing holding you back here is some creativity and willingness.


8. Put ads on your car

There are a bunch of platforms that will pay you for showing ads on your car.

Check out Wrapify or Carvertise. The more you drive, the more you get paid. Sounds pretty simple to me.

Sign Up

9. Open a a bank account

Banks are eager to get people to open an account with them. So eager, almost all have sign up bonuses for opening an account. And some pretty good payouts. Right now Chase is offering $300 to open a checking account. This shouldn’t be overdone, unless you want like 15 bank accounts to keep track. But once or twice is a great way to make some money quick.

opening a bank account

10. App sign up bonuses

Apps are also eager to get you to sign up with them. If you see an app with a sign up bonus, this can be a great and easy way to make a little change. For example some survey sites like Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie give you $5 -$10 just for signing up.

Just Sell It

11. Sell old clothes

I’m a big minimalist. I hate having extra stuff in my apartment. My mom on the other hand is a hoarder. I keep telling her she has a goldmine in clothes she never wears. Same may apply to you. If you have a bunch of extra clothes you’re not wearing, you may be sitting on a little fortune.

Try selling the clothes on online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook marketplace and see how much you can make.

For some inspiration check out this story of Sophia Amoruso. She became a multi-millionaire by flipping clothes on eBay.

12. Donate plasma

Blood plasma is the part of blood that contains essential proteins and antibodies. And it’s used in some critical medical treatments so demand is high.

You can expect to make around $50 – $75 per appointment. Keep in mind though there are risks to your health, so do your research before donating.

Speak Your Mind

There are online platforms that will pay you for just giving your opinion. Can’t be anything easier than that. The convenience of being able to do this from anywhere makes for a solid way of earning some quick money.

13. Online surveys

Platforms like SurveyJunkie will pay you for answering surveys. I did this myself to make some side money and it couldn’t have been easier. Most of the questions are like “how often did you get into an argument this week?”. Not kidding. After about 10 minutes I got paid a couple dollars.

Sign up, give some generic details about yourself like gender and age, and you can start filling out surveys and get paid.

Check out our list of top paying survey platforms.

taking a survey

14. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is similar to SurveyJunkie, except they have other ways to make money like playing games. I tried out this platform and got distracted pretty quickly. After an hour I realized, wait, I just got paid $5 for playing tetris. Pretty cool feeling. Check out Swagbucks and see the different ways you can make money for doing simple tasks.

15. Review websites and apps

How many times has this happened to you: You’re using an app or website, and ask yourself why did they make it like this?

Well you can get paid for those opinions. Platforms like TestingTime and UserTesting will pay your for testing out apps and websites. I knew my opinion was worth something, grandpa.

What next?

Thanks to AI there are even more ways to make money. Check out our list of the best ways to make money with AI.

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