How AI Is Making People Bank

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AI has arrived with a bang. And, like all new technologies, there are new ways to profit using them. Being curious, I scoured the internet on stories of how AI is making people money. Spoiler, there are lots of get rich quick schemes. All promising easy, passive income with little effort. But there were a couple ideas I really liked and tried out for myself. This list is a summary of what I found.

Quick precursor if you follow any of these strategies. AI has made quantity easy, especially when it comes to content. So use AI while focusing on quality. For all these ideas that is the key to standing out.

5 Ways People Are Making Bank With AI

1. Content Creating

Many experts thought AI would disrupt creative tasks last. Well, it was first. Now creating new content is as simple as a couple clicks. There are 3 main types of content you can create to make money:

a. Written

Use ChatGPT or Jasper AI and create pages of content in minutes. You can use this to start a niche site and monetize with ads or affiliate links. Or create an e-book and sell online.

But remember, you can create 1000 pages of content in a day. But that doesn’t mean you should publish it. Use AI to create a rough draft, and then add your personal opinion and style to it for best results.

b. Video

Check out AI tools like Visla to make videos fast. No production team or cameras required. You can use this to even start a faceless Youtube channel.

People are making bank on Youtube. On average around $4,600 a month. Create interesting content overlaying a video, and use that to attract views

c. Art

Creating AI art was the most shocking initial AI disruption. You can create amazing pieces of art, no artistic skills required. AI art pieces are even winning art competitions.

You can use this to generate beautiful pieces of art and sell online. Start an e-commerce store on RedBubble and sell merchandise with your AI art.

2. Build an AI SaaS Wrapper

This will take some technical skills (either your own or outsourced). But people are making millions doing this. The idea is to create a tool that makes it easy for users to use AI.

For example, all the photo “avatar ai” websites are simply wrappers around AI APIs. That is, they’re a basic website that lets users easily use AI using public APIs. The “talk to your documents” websites are the same thing.

If you have the technical skills to code a website (or outsource it), you can follow this blue print. Create an easy way for a user to use some AI functionality, and you have a successful AI SaaS company.Not to mention, these AI websites are selling like hot cakes on platforms like Flippa and Microacquire.

3. Start an AI agency / Become an AI consultant

There are millions of digital businesses out there. And the majority of them have no idea how AI can help them. For example content marketing, automating processes, and social media are ways AI can help almost any digital business.

If you have experience with some of the new AI tools, you have skills these businesses want.

Start an agency, offer to help a company take advantage of AI, and charge them for it.

4. Up-skill yourself

According the world’s wealthiest investor, the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. And now thanks to AI, learning new skills has never been easier. Thanks to tools like ChatGPT we all have a personal tutor waiting for us.

You can leverage this to grow your skills in any industry you want. I’ve found this is especially true for technical skills. Thanks to tools like Github Copilot, it’s never been easier to code and start building products.

5. Invest in AI

This one is a little different. But there is definitely a lot of money you can make from investing in AI, and AI adjacent, companies. For example Microsoft, who announced they invested billions into ChatGPT maker OpenAI.

Nvidia, who makes the GPU chips all the AI company are using, saw a stock growth of 200+% in 2023 alone.

And you can get creative here. Go to investment sites like Fundrise, and find private AI companies you think will succeed. There’s no question AI will be here to stay, and investing in AI companies are a great way to get a piece of the growing pie.

What next?

AI is one of many ways to make money as a side hustle. Check out our list of all the other ways.

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