Popular Things To Sell Online

Popular Things To Sell Online

Online businesses are making bank. Ecommerce accounts for 15.6% of US retail, and is only increasing. And Shopify merchants alone have made over $5 Billion in sales. But trying to pick out what product to sell is daunting.

I was curious so wanted to investigate today’s most popular things to sell online. I researched ecommerce platforms, SEO tools, google trends, and more to see what type of products are in demand and trending. Below are the top products selling like hotcakes online today.

Tech Accessories

1. Drone accessories

Size: $17.5B Growth: 20.7%

You’ve probably seen a drone fly around your neighborhood. And for a second you thought “why is that airplane doing somersaults?” before realizing it’s a drone.

It’s expected that the drone space will grow at a whopping 20.7% per year. This reminds me of companies that made accessories for the go pro early in that tech’s lifecycle. And are now worth millions. Same play here except for drones.

Marketing: Use high quality images and videos to showcase how fun and effective your drone accessories are.

2. VR / AR gear and accessories

Size: $2.53B Growth: 30.6%

2024 is the year of VR thanks to Apple’s release of the vision pro. And get this, the space has a projected growth of 30.6% ! That’s an insane growth.

This space has the potential to impact lots of industries like gaming, education, and professional training.

Marketing: Market these by showcasing the cutting edge technology and how your products play a part.

3. Smartwatch accessories

Size: $29B Growth: 14.83%

Smartwatches are where technology and fashion meet. At least, fashion for techies or people that like to track their health metrics. Apple’s Apple Watch has the largest market share. And lucky for you Apple encourages third party companies to handle creating accessories for its product.

Marketing: Market your product to tech-savvy consumers and fitness enthusiasts.

Curated Experiences

4. Personalized Gifts

Size: $25B Growth: 9.69%

Create a way for people to send thoughtful gifts to their friends and loved ones. Personalized gifts are great around holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries.

Marketing: Market these by highlighting the emotional value add. And use tools like facebook or email marketing to find an audience.

5. Subscription boxes

Size: $22B Growth: 19.51%

These can be many different kinds of products. Eg cookies, cooking oils, doughnuts, shavers etc.

Make it special by curating an experience with the boxes, getting consumers hooked on the “experience”.

Marketing: Market them as convenient and exciting ways to always have fresh supplies.

Health and Wellness

6. Pickleball equipment

Size: $65.64B Growth: 9%

Ahh Pickleball. The sport that has taken the US by storm. And created a lot of injuries in the process as people are getting out of their pandemic slump. But you can’t deny it’s been the fastest growing sport in the US, growing to 8.9 Million players in 2022.

Cash in on the hype and sell equipment for the sport like paddles, balls, and nets.

Marketing: The marketing should be fun, and how the sport is easy for beginners to learn.

pickleball paddle

7. Athleisure

Size: $2B Growth: 5%

The term “athleisure” has skyrocketed in google searches since 2015. It combines comfort and style, so is used for both workouts and casual wear.

There’s a booming market due to the rise in health consciousness and work from home.

Marketing: To market, focus on social media platforms where visuals are key. Such as Instagram and Pinterest. Hiring influencers is a great play for this as well.

8. Gummies

Size: $21B Growth: 11%

These yummy treats can be packed with health benefits. Some popular selling types I found are CBD, turmeric, caffeine, and keto gummies.

These are growing in popularity due to their convenience and contribution to a healthy diet.

Marketing: Market these by highlighting their ease of use, flavors, and health benefits.

9. Supplements

Size: $381B Growth: 6.3%

Supplements can range from fitness to general health and wellness. These days everyone is taking some sort of daily supplement. Athletic Greens, a popular drink powder packed with nutrients, has become a billion dollar company.

Marketing: Market these by highlighting the health benefits – as well as the safety of the product. For example include studies on the ingredients or on the product as a whole.

10. Barefoot shoes

Size: $471M Growth: 5.3%

Barefoot shoes allow us to walk how we were designed to. With zero-drop soles and wider toe boxes.

It’s a smaller, yet growing niche. Google search for the term “barefoot shoes” has ballooned in the last couple of years. If you establish a strong brand in the growing space, it could pay off big time in the long run.

Marketing: Market these by emphasizing the health benefits. For example foot health, balance, and connection with nature. Also due to being a new niche create some educational content.

11. Resistance Bands

Size: $870M Growth: 12.25%

Resistance bands prices soared during Covid as people were looking to exercise from home. And the growth is continuing, expected at 12.25% a year.

Marketing: Market these by highlighting their role in physical therapy and as a complement to other workout equipment.

Substitutes For The Real Thing

12. Fake plants

Size: $1.3B Growth: 4.4%

Fake plants give all the beauty without the hassle. Reminds me of when I was a kid my family decided to switch from a real evergreen Christmas tree to a fake one. And we’ve never looked back since.

Marketing: Market these by showing their lifelike appearance, durability, and ease of care. Also show them in various decor settings to give people some real life inspiration.

13. Non-alcoholic drinks

Size: $994B Growth: 8.56%

People are getting tired of hangovers, especially younger generations. In 2021 the market size for non-alcoholic drinks was a massive 994B, and is expected to grow at a solid 8.56% growth.

Marketing: Market these as a fun and sophisticated alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. And how you can still enjoy the fun without the hangover.

14. Plant based food

Size: $29B Growth: 7.7%

10 years ago plant based food was unheard of. Now it’s a full blown industry poised to take a large chunk of the global protein market. All popular meals now have an all-veggie option. Even BurgerKing’s infamous Whopper.

Marketing: Market these on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and food blogs.

Household Staples

15. Books

Size: $139B Growth: 1.8%

Amazon, a Trillion dollar company started by selling books. Bezos explains he chose books over other items because of their large variety. And that hasn’t changed. Books are still a great e-commerce product with steady demand.

You can decide to target specific niches or genres at first and then expand after gaining some traction.

Marketing: Market by partnering with book bloggers and authors.

16. Coffee

Size: $132B Growth: 4.72%

Caffeine is the most used (abused?) drug on the planet. People love their coffee. Specialty and artisanal coffees are especially trending. Just writing about this is giving me a caffeine high.

Marketing: Market these by selling the feeling you get from smelling brewed coffee or that post-caffeine high. Subscription models could be a strong business strategy here.

17. Eco-friendly products

Size: $14.3B Growth: 19.5%

Consumers care about the environment. Especially younger generations. 71% of Millennials say climate should be a top priority compared to 57% of boomers. You can sell a specific eco-friendly product, or a line of items all under your brand.

Marketing: Market to the younger generation by creating products with trendy designs.

What next?

Selling online is one of many ways to make money as a side hustle. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of other proven side hustles.

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